Saturday, April 17, 2010

XA House's music to my ears

This past thursday XA had a Coffeehouse. No, it's not a talent show. Coffeehouse is a night where students have an opportunity to share what the Lord has been speaking to them, has taught them, to simply praise Him for all he has done. In short, God has blessed us with many talents and gifts, and they are all for His glory!

Dane and I played a song, along with some of our closest friends. I wont tell you when we played, so you'll have to watch the whole video that was recorded and streamed live that night to find us. There were some AMAZING performances!

In other planning is going great! Here's the checklist so far:

Bridesmaid dresses
Reception site
Ceremony site (pending)
Groomsman attire
Currently meeting with photographers
Still looking into florists and caterers

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